An image explaining the difference between malleability and ductility.

What is the Difference Between Malleability and Ductility?

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In the blog article, “Thermal Shock” I used the word ductility. This word is one of a handful of terms commonly used to describe the characteristics of metals and how they react to externally applied forces. Terms such as malleability, hardness, brittleness, toughness, abrasion resistant and impact resistant are commonly used when describing metals but not always completely understood. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN … Read More

slurry pumps being used to move slurry around.

How Do You Solve Vibration Issues in a Slurry Pump?

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Vibration issues with your slurry pump might be obvious: your slurry pump shakes like a wet dog, or subtle: you keep losing bearings or seals prematurely and don’t understand why. In either case vibration can cause a number of problems with your pump that can lead to costly repairs, downtime and shorter mean times between failure.  How to Confirm a … Read More

A funny sign found at work.

Engineering Humor

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How To Survive Long Days If you are an employee in the pumping industry I am positive you can relate to the common woes each of us face weekly. Whether you’re dealing with environmental damage in Mining, strict regulations in Coal Power, loss of customers in Oil & Gas, you’re an Applications Engineer who just received five rush RFQ’s for new builds or a Design Engineer … Read More