Submersible Pumps

Mining, oil sands, oil and gas, dredging, or power and steel—it’s important to choose the right submersible pump regardless of your industry.

Harsh conditions with rocks, sludge, and slurry can lead to overheating, excessive wear, and failure, resulting in costly downtime and lost production. Not so with Hevvy Pumps.
Our submersible pumps are scrupulously designed to operate under extreme temperatures and pressures to meet the high demands of today’s industries.

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HNS Series

Our modular submersible slurry HNS pumps have run dry capability and can handle 70% solids. The HNS is the world’s only modular submersible slurry pump with pressurized sealing technology and run dry capability.

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HNS Slurry pumps on a blue background.

HS Series

Our submersible solids handling HS pumps have steep curves and can handle solids up to 60%. The HS is a hard wearing and versatile submersible solids handling pump featuring steep curves and much more.

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A Hevvy Slurry Pump used in submersible applications.

HT Twins Series

Our economical and rugged slurry HT pumps are run dry capable and can handle up to 40% solids. The HT “Twins” series is everything you hoped for in an economical yet rugged slurry pump design.

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The HT twin slurry pumps side by side.


Our submersible agitator dredging DP pumps can transport up to 70% solids. The DP submersible pump is the world’s original agitator pump.

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HNS Slurry pumps on a blue background.


Our dewatering DL series pumps can transport up to 20% solids. The DL submersible pump is a versatile dewatering pump capable of transporting up to 20% solids.

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A Hevvy Slurry Pump used in submersible applications.


Our economical submersible dewatering DXL pumps can reach heads up to 525ft. The DXL submersible pump is a hard wearing, dependable and low-cost dewatering pump capable of up to 2% solids.

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The HT twin slurry pumps side by side.


The growing number of requirements in the pumping industry demand solutions capable of operating in some of the most challenging environments. Our team has been working with industry leaders for years developing some of the most unique and application specific products.

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A Hevvy Slurry Pump used in submersible applications.

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Why choose our submersible pumps?

Toyo Pumps NA, now known as Hevvy Pumps is experiencing an exciting evolution of a company you have known and trusted for over 35 years which still includes your favorite people and trusted pumps that are only evolving to serve your workplace better.

You need a reliable, innovative submersible pump that will handle all your applications effectively—that’s a given. But with so many pump possibilities on the market, it can be a challenge finding a dependable, high quality option.

When you expect more from your pump, read on to learn why we are industry trailblazers, leading the way in submersible pump technology.

  • Game-changers in design and development

Today’s pumping industries require innovative products to meet their ever-growing and ever-changing needs. At Hevvy Pumps, we have teamed up with the top minds in the industry to create cutting edge designs that stand up to whatever application you have in store.

  • Where quality meets ingenuity

Worried your pump doesn’t have what it takes to get the job done? Our submersible pumps are custom constructed with the highest quality materials and components. Hevvy products can transport mass amount of fluids and solids through a variety of pipes, smoothly and without failure—ensuring a successful project every time.

  • Energy efficient

Boosting energy efficiency is a top priority for anyone in any industry. That is why all our submersible pumps are designed with the energy conscious in mind. The products at Hevvy Pumps are made to be more reliable and efficient compared to other pump options, saving you some major money down the road.

Signs you are using the wrong kind of pump

No matter how much fluid needs to move, you need a submersible pump that can handle the workload. If you are constantly having to pull your pump for repairs or maintenance, you could be wasting precious time and resources that will hurt your bottom line.

Here are some of the signs of a slumping submersible pump.

  • Clogging
  • Lack of water pressure
  • Reverse rotation
  • Dry running
  • Worn mechanical seal or bearings
  • Damaged wet end pump components
  • Decreased flow rate
  • Loud or abnormal noises

If you have noticed any of these warning signs, reach out to Hevvy Pumps for the latest in submersible pump products.

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