Slurry Pumps

At Hevvy Pumps, formerly known as Toyo Pumps, we were born out of a out passion for pumping solids. The majority of pumping companies began life as a water pumping company. therefore, they now offer a "slurry" pump, they've simply adapted one of their water pumps to do a slurry pumps' job. This is not always the ideal solution (similar to asking a pick-up truck to do a dump truck's job.

Hevvy Slurry Pumps are designed in-house by our engineers and crafted in North America using our own local workforce and know-how. Hevvy is our name and it signifies we are no lightweight. To find out how we can solve your pumping problems give our engineers a call today!


HNS Pumps

The HNS is the world’s only modular submersible slurry pump with pressurized sealing technology and run dry capability. Handling up to 70% solids; Available up to 1000 HP; Capable of up to 10,000 US GPM. It’s a game changer.

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HNS Slurry pumps on a blue background.
A Hevvy Slurry Pump used in submersible applications.

HS Slurry Pumps

The HS is a hard wearing and versatile submersible solids handling slurry pump featuring steep curves, advanced double mechanical seal design, high Chrome wet end parts, H-class windings; capable of handling Class 1, 2 and some Class 3 slurries and capacities up to 3000 US GPM.

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HT Twins Slurry Pumps

The HT “Twins” series is everything you hoped for in an economical yet rugged slurry pump design. Twin volute balances the loads in unpredictable conditions, helping extend seal and bearing life. Run dry capable and able to handle up to 40% solids.

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The HT twin slurry pumps side by side.

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