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Thanks for checking out my blog. This is literally going to be a diary of the life and times of a Field Service Manager.

First a joke…
What do you call a man constantly in the dog house with his wife?
A field service manager.

Okay, all joking aside, this blog is for every maintenance manager and superintendent out there, as well as anyone else who just wants to know something about how to take care of their pumps. 
I’m going to write about the calls that I make; the typical problems with equipment and systems that I face. How to provide gold standard pump preventative maintenance so that you get the longest life out of your process equipment. How to deal with some of the classic cases of vibration, overheated bearings, teardowns, seal failure, cavitation, slurry pump maintenance guide, and, etc.

I’ll also keep it light, giving you some amazing pics of my travels (check out the one at the beginning of my blog – this one I took while traveling in Canada) and reports on the accommodations I stay at. You can only imagine some of the situations I find myself in.

Learn more about the variety of industrial pumps that Hevvy Pumps offers including:

I love my job. I get to provide knowledge and hands on solutions to our customers. If you have a problem with your pump, give me a call anytime.

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Jerry Morrow

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