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HNH series

Our semi-open impeller horizontal HNH pumps can handle up to 60% solids.

The exciting, semi-open impeller, horizontal HNH is a steep curved, versatile contender in any industrial setting. Capable of up to 60% solids. Ability to move up to 3000 GPM and up to 240 TDH. Many metallurgy options available.
  • Tapered Roller Bearings With Oil & Grease Lubrication Options. Rated L10 - 100,000 Hours
  • Seal Options:
    -Mechanicals Seal (Single, Double, Various Flush/Quench Plans)
    -Hydrodynamic Seal
    -Stuffing Box
  • Standard ANSI flange for discharge and suction
  • S Wet End Boasts Special Elliptical Cutwater Design, High Efficiency Curved Back Vanes and an Adjustable Front Wear Plate.
  • Axial Spiral Casing
  • Semi-Open Impeller to Reduce Risk of Clogging