Submersible Slurry Pumps - HNS series

Our modular submersible slurry pumps, series HNS, have run dry capability and can handle 70% solids.

The HNS is the world’s only modular submersible slurry pump with pressurized sealing technology and run dry capability. Handling up to 70% solids; Available up to 1000 HP; Capable of up to 10,000 US GPM. It’s a game changer.


The HNS Series motor and rotating assembly have been specifically engineered to handle severe and extreme duty services and the unbalanced loads that occur in high wear pump applications. Intentional engineering decisions like: shaft stiffness ratio of < 1, oversized bearings, and a revolutionary seal design combine to help the pump maintain the sealing ability in the most severe services

  1. Plenum54 Positive Pressurization System
  2. Superior Seal Designs (SD or XD Design)
  3. Motors Designed for Slurry Applications
  4. Optional Motor Cooling Loop
  5. 4 wet end designs available + 50 different wet-ends
  6. Accessories : Agitator, Cutter, Jet-Rings


  • Integrated PLENUM 54™ - Patented Positive Pressure Sealing Technology
  • HEVVY designed H Class submersible motor for severe duty - available in 10 HP - 1000 HP, 4, 6, or 8 pole, 1.15 S.F. or 1.35 S.F.
  • Oversized bearings designed for excessive shock loads
  • Continuous Run-Dry capability (optional) or extended Run-Dry (standard)
  • Cutting Edge Seals - designed specifically for Slurry: Severe Duty (standard) or eXtreme Duty (option)
  • Modular Pump System - choose the performance and metallurgy that best suits your application from 4 hydraulic designs
  • Available with Agitators, Choppers, & Jet Rings


  • Internal back pressure on the seal faces yield a greater internal pressure in the sealing chamber than external slurry pressure, ensuring the ultimate seal life
  • The positive pressure behind the seal face assures that a clean film of oil is maintained on the seal face instead of the abrasive slurry
  • The HNS comes with either of two incredible sealing options: the SD (standard) and XD (optional)



“ It’s like an internal API Plan 54 Shaft Sealing System for a submersible pump.”

Welcome the revolutionary Plenum54™ to the submersible world. The patented HEVVY PRESSURIZED SLURRY SEALING system combines an internal self-generating pressurization system with HEVVY’S SD or optional XD Slurry Seal.

HNS pumps have been installed in some of the harshest environments outlasting all previous run time records and flipping the paradigm in submersible pumps for common mode failure


HEVVY PUMPS, the evolution of TOYO PUMPS, now brings you the next generation of agitator with far superior agitation, mixing and suspension abilities. We introduced the world to its very first Agitator over 40 years ago and now we’re very proud to introduce the patented Suspendore™.

The best just got better:

  • Optimized Thrust: Like the wings of a fighter jet, Suspendore’s™ blades have been engineered to provide the perfect combination of downward and outward thrust without sacrificing efficiency or degrading the suction performance of the pump.
  • Sump vacuuming ability: Compound layers of blades are positioned to optimize the Suspendore’s ability to lift resting solids into suspension so that they can be pumped rather than settle and collect. The Suspendore™ helps our pumps act like a sump vacuum cleaner.
  • Better wear characteristics: The Suspendore™ is engineered to maintain its agitation capability for the longest period possible as it wears. We do this through the very intentional placement of our agitation blades and encapsulating shroud.
  • More modular design: With our new design, it’s the application that drives the Suspendore’s™ size not the pump alone. If your application requires more agitation we can now fit your pump with a bigger sized Suspendore™ to ensure the most optimized mixing result. (some exceptions apply).


  • Maximum Flexibility 
    If your pump performance requirements change, simply change the pumping end to ensure you are always achieving maximum productivity and efficiency.
  • Cost Savings
    No need to buy a brand new piece of equipment when system requirements change. Just change the pump end. If you can standardize on the same pumping ends throughout your plant then you can greatly reduce the need for excessive spare parts inventory.
  • Increased Productivity
    Production is profit. When systems change the lead times of some custom drive units can not only be long but also expensive. If you can recycle your drive unit and simply change your pumping end you can get back into production quicker, cheaper, with less downtime required.