HNH-E (DEH) series

Our recessed impeller horizontal DEH pump reduces wear due to its axial spiral casing.

The recessed impeller DEH horizontal pump achieves higher efficiencies with greatly reduced wear as a result of its axial spiral casing that ensures flowing solids are discharged quickly, reducing recirculation that is detrimental to hydraulic efficiencies.

  1. Tapered Roller Bearings With Oil & Grease Lubrication Options. Rated L10 - 100,000 Hours
  2. The DEH Comes with Several Seal Options:

    -Hydrodynamic Seal

    -Single Mechanical Seal without Sealing Liquid but Flushing Connections are Available.

    -Double Mechanical Seal Options:
    1.) In Tandem with Pressureless Internal Sealing Liquid.
    2.) Back to Back with External Sealing Liquid. Sealing Casing with Cooling and Heating Jacket
    3.) Back to Back with External Sealing Liquid. Sealing Casing and Heating Jacket

    -Various Stuffing Box Arrangements Available

  3. Standard ANSI flange for discharge and suction
  4. The E Wet End Design Allows Solids with the Same Diameter of the Discharge to Pass Through Without the Danger of Clogging.
  5. Axial Spiral Casing
  6. Low Shear Recessed Impeller That Can Handle: Pulp & Paper, Carbon Transfer, Large Solids, Etc.