DL series

Our dewatering DL series pumps can transport up to 20% solids.

The DL submersible pump is a versatile dewatering pump capable of transporting up to 20% solids. High chrome wear components and run dry capability has made this pump a favorite in industrial settings throughout the world.

  1. Air release valve
  2. Run-dry capable
  3. Built-in thermal protection
  4. Protection from water ingress
  5. Built-in cooling jacket
  6. Double mechanical slurry seal (single mechanical slurry seal on DL 20 only)
    Important note: The Toyo DL mechanical seal does not run in the pumped liquid.
  7. Hard iron (keyed & locked) impeller
  8. Hard iron front adjustable wear plate
  9. Hard iron Toyo patented agitator standard up to DL30