HNC series

Our semi-open impeller vertical HNC pumps have steep curves and no submerged bearings and bigger shafts.

The exciting, semi-open impeller, vertical HNC is a steep curved, versatile contender in any industrial setting. Heavy-duty bearings and oversized shaft with no submerged bearings or seals. Ability to move up to 3000 GPM and up to 240 TDH.

  1. V-Belt or Direct Drive Configuration
  2. Heavy-Duty Bearing Typically Rated L10- 100,000 Hours
  3. Large Diameter Shaft Always Runs Under First Critical Speed
  4. True Cantilever Design: No Submerged Bearings
  5. Standard Seal
  6. Bearing Isolator Option Available
  7. Agitator
  8. Recessed Impeller