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Our team will provide prompt and versatile service

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Our team is here to answer all of your questions as they relate to repair, replacement/spare parts and rental services offered by Hevvy/Toyo Pumps.


Our parts team is happy to help you with all spare parts inquiries, quotes, and orders. They offer efficient service to ensure as little downtime for maintenance as possible.
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Hevvy/Toyo rents a variety of our submersible pumps to solve your sites short and long term needs. For more information on the pumps we have available, please email our team at the Contact us!

Our team will provide prompt and versatile service


Hevvy/Toyo believes in providing our customer's the best service possible. This includes uninterrupted onsite time with our professional field service team to support you with repairs, maintenance, and check-ups. If you have a Hevvy/Toyo pump and would like to learn more about our onsite field repair services, please email our team at the contact email below.
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To learn more about what our field service repair team deals with and solves on a regular basis check out our Service Adventurer blogs on our Blog page.  In these blogs, Jerry Morrow, Field Service Repair Manager, writes about his years of experiences with onsite repair and easy solutions to common mistakes! He also takes some great photos.