diesel powered horizontal pump

Diesel-Powered Pumps

Have a heavy duty High Chrome pumping unit when electric power is out of reach and portability is key.

Toyo and Hevvy horizontal industrial pump.

HNH Horizontal Series

Our HEVVY modular program gives the flexibility needed for custom design to suit any application, saving both time and money.

HNS Series

Our modular submersible slurry HNS pumps have run dry capability and can handle 70% solids.

slurry pumps-hevvy-pumps-vertical-pump-DEC-series

HNC-E (DEC) Series

Our vertical recessed impeller DEC pumps are excellent for handling solids. Full recessed impeller for large solids passage.

slurry pumps usa The HNHB pump series up close.

HNH-B (DBH) Series

Our closed impeller horizontal DBH pumps are high efficiency and can transport up to 70% solids.

slurry pumps submersible durable and versatile solids handling hevvy pump

HS Series

Our submersible solids handling HS pumps have steep curves and can handle solids up to 60%.

A hevvy pumps vertical DBC pump.

HNC-B (DBC) Series

Our closed impeller vertical DBC pumps is a work horse. No submerged bearings or seals. Many metallurgies available.

slurry pump horizontal DEH-series hevvy pump toyo image

HNH-E (DEH) Series

The recessed impeller DEH horizontal pump achieves higher efficiencies with reduced wear as a result of its axial spiral casing.

slurry pumps submersible toyo hevvy pump HS HT pumps that are run-dry and economical

HT Twins Series

Our economical and rugged slurry HT pumps are run dry capable and can handle up to 40% solids.

Submersible slurry pumps toyo hevvy

DP Series

The DP submersible dredging pump is the world’s original agitator pump and can transport up to 70% solids.

slurry pumps usa submersible DL pump being shown as a submersible pump.

DL Series

The DL submersible pump is a versatile dewatering pump capable of transporting up to 20% solids.

slurry pumps submersible Hevvy Pumps submersible DXL pump.

DXL Series

The DXL economical submersible pump is a hard wearing, dependable and low-cost dewatering pump capable of up to 2% solids.


HNC-D (DC) Series

Our closed impeller cantilever DC pumps have no submerged bearings or seals. Pumps up to 70% solids.

custom slurry pump design cross section of flow of an impelle

Custom Design and Development

The growing number of requirements in the pumping industry demand solutions capable of operating in challenging environments.