The Challenges of Steel

Our pumps are capable of handling abrasives, caustics and acidic sumps all while pumping slurry.

Find us adding value with our patented agitation systems and rugged slurry pump designs to clean out your mill scale or coker fine sumps. Handling the toughest, heaviest, most abrasive slurry applications you have with a wide offering of pumps. With proven, time tested products along with new leading edge solutions, Hevvy has a pump to fit your needs. Providing designs capable to handle abrasives, caustics and acidic sumps all while pumping your slurry. Whether it is a Submersible, Horizontal or Vertical pump you require - Hevvy has a product to fit. Give our industry specialist a call today to discuss a solution to your requirements.


Most Used Products in the Steel Industry

HNS Pumps

Pumps up to 70% solids with its patented Hevvy Specialized Slurry Sealing.

HNC-E (DEC) Pumps

Fully recessed impeller for large solids passage.

HT Pumps

Economical, rugged, and run dry capable. Pumps up to 40% solids.

HS Pumps

Has steep curves. Pumps up to 60% solids.

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