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$2M worth of “lost” gold was quickly recovered in an urgent tailings reclamation project for this major gold producer.

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At Hevvy Pumps we love solving problems. One of our favorite stories is from a major Canadian gold producer. They realized that the gold that they were getting out of their process rock was nowhere near what they had accounted for at the beginning of their project.

Estimates had confirmed that they had over $20 million worth of gold that had passed through their process into their tailings pond. We had only about two or three months before the Canadian winter set in and getting to that gold would have been impossible. We knew we had to get to work quickly for this customer.

Our Hevvy engineers got to work and we innovated a two stage pumping system that recovered over $2 million worth of gold in a very short window of time. Ironically, the gold we actually recovered from the tailings ponds were coming out in much higher concentrations than the underground rock they were mining!

Over the past 4 years, Hevvy Pumps, the new Toyo Pumps North America Corp, is stronger, highly customer focused and more progressive.

As always, we are extremely invested in R&D so we can push the design limits of our equipment’s technology further to supply our loyal customers and business partners with more efficient, effective and even more reliable pumps that last longer in the harshest conditions in the world.

Toyo Pumps, now known as Hevvy Pumps is experiencing an exciting evolution of a company you have known and trusted for over 35 years which still includes your favorite people and trusted product lines that are only evolving to serve your workplace better.

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Most Used Products in the Gold Mining Industry

HNS Pumps

Pumps up to 70% solids with its patented Hevvy Specialized Slurry Sealing.

HNH-B (DBH) Pumps

Pumps up to 70% solids.

HT Pumps

Economical, rugged, and run dry capable. Pumps up to 40% solids.

HS Pumps

Has steep curves. Pumps up to 60% solids.