The Challenges of OIL AND GAS

Our pumps for the oil and gas industry are built with special materials to combat premature wear.

Whether it is offshore exploration and production in the Arctic ocean, or downstream refining in the Arabian deserts, pumps can be exposed to a range of difficult operating conditions including corrosive and/or erosive fluids containing drill cuttings, frac or formation sand, catalyst, and petroleum coke, as well as the presence of high temperatures and pressures. Toyo/Hevvy helps customers address these difficult applications by supplying pumping solutions with unique hydraulics and special materials to combat against the abusive nature of these duties. Whether it is horizontals, vertical, or submersible pumps, Toyo/Hevvy can deliver the solutions that maximize uptime and minimize the risk of costly disruptions in these difficult and sometimes critical services.


Most Used Products in the Oil and Gas Industry

HNH-E (DEH) Pumps

Pumps up to 50% solids.

HNC-E (DEC) Pumps

Fully recessed impeller for large solids passage.

HNS Pumps

Pumps up to 70% solids with its patented Hevvy Specialized Slurry Sealing.

DP Pumps

Pumps up to 70% solids.

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