Michael Papadeas


10 plus years in the Oil & Gas industry and 27 years in the Chemical Industry


Key challenge as you see it in the Oil & Gas industry: 


Customers “going with the status quo” and installing standard API pumps in erosive applications where a specialty, erosive duty pump is needed or can deliver significant improvements in reliability, lifecycle costs, and ultimately better MTBPM (mean time between planned maintenance).


The current technology available for standard and even “enhanced” API pumps often doesn’t adequately address the operational challenges presented in applications where erosive particles, choking solids, or sludges are present.  Pump solutions from experienced and innovative manufacturers of erosive duty and solids handling pumps like HEVVY can deliver significant improvements in reliability and unit availability, thereby reducing overall lifecycle costs.


Favorite personal story whereby you helped a customer in the Oil & Gas industry: 

On one particular project I worked closely with an offshore production facility and their reliability team to resolve some persistent pump failures occurring in the company’s oil receiving facility. A combination of both erosive sand and corrosive flow back were destroying the installed pumps in only a few months, which was significantly impacting production levels. 

Over a period of many months I worked closely with their team and repair services provider to clearly understand their operations processes, document the failure mechanisms, and then to develop a unique solution to address their problems.  The project was a great success and resulted in the development of a unique product solution incorporating special materials, as well as some improvements to their operating procedures.  It was a challenging experience working across the vast time zones, multiple cultures, and a great deal of technical complexity, but one that was ultimately very rewarding and successful.


Favorite Hevvy/Toyo pump to use in the Oil & Gas industry: Difficult to say because the pump selected is usually very application dependent. However, the variety of configurations we can offer (horizontal, vertical, and submersible) does allow us to help customers on a broader scale.