Keith Keiser

13 plus years supplying pumping solutions into the Steel Industry

Key challenge as they see it in the Steel industry: 

The ability to provide a quality product at a globally cost competitive price. 


Favorite personal story whereby you helped a customer in the Steel industry?

While visiting a steel plant in Indiana, with no existing Hevvy pumps, we were discussing their applcations.  The Maintenance manager replied “We don’t have any pumping problems”.  I followed up with another question.  Show me your toughest application?  At that time he simply said follow me, which I did.  Upon arriving at one of their scale sumps, he pointed and asked “Can you pump that?” Replying yes we do that on a daily basis in many steel mills, he followed up with some colourful language.  I offered show him and bring in a demonstration pump.  (See the steel video on our webpage) This is the same installation, take notice of some of our competitor pumps in the corner of sump buried in scale.  Hevvy has moved on to place several HNS pumps into this plant in several scale handling sumps.


Favorite Hevvy/Toyo pump to use in the Steel industry:    

My favourite is the Hevvy - HNS due to the capability & durability of the Plenum54 sealing system.  No other submersible slurry pump can handle an application like the new Hevvy -  HNS.  Plus it is a modular pump system – It can be built the way you need it.