Richard Binning

35 plus years supplying pumping solutions into the Dregding Industry

Key challenge as they see it in the Dredging industry:
“Use the right tool for the job.” One of the key challenges in the dredging industry is providing the right piece of equipment for the application.  An advantage of the Toyo/Hevvy dredge pumps is the flexibility to mount the pump in numerous configurations (hang from a crane, mount on an excavator, suspend from a barge) and to dredge in any depth of water. Whether you need to dredge from land or on the water, Toyo/Hevvy can put together the right system for the project.

Favorite personal story whereby you helped a customer in the Dredging industry?
Large Oil Company Pipeline Burial Project:  “Toyo/Hevvy to the rescue.”
A hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico created a problem by exposing 7,000' of a 36-inch natural gas pipeline, 10 miles offshore. Two Toyo/Hevvy electric DP 150B were arranged to straddle the pipe, dredge out the sand and bury the pipe. The operation was carried out while the pipeline was under pressure and flowing natural gas. Within a 3 week window the pipeline was buried and fully operational.


Favorite Hevvy/Toyo pump to use in the Dredging industry:
Toyo/Hevvy electric DP 150B submersible agitator pump.