Michael Papadeas

18-year supplying pumping solutions into the Power Industry

Years of experience in the Power industry: 18


Key challenge as they see it in the Power industry:     

The key focus and challenge for power producers is ensuring they’re providing an uninterrupted, stable source of electric power while doing it safely and with minimal environmental impact.
Achieving that goal requires a solid team, disciplined operations, quality equipment, and committed service and support. 

Where power plants sometimes get off-course is in the selection and operation of other support pumps. The primary focus on pumps tends to be around the boiler, turbine, and cooling circuits where saleable energy is being generated and pumping is about moving relatively clean water at high pressures and temperatures, or high flow rates. However, the pumps used in secondary support systems such as bulk material handling, wet scrubbers, and wet ash handling are often the ones subjected to the harshest punishment. Installing the correct equipment in these applications helps to ensure that power production is maximized and compliance violations are avoided. 


Favorite personal story whereby you helped a customer in the Power industry: 

After installing an upgrade project at a fossil plant in the midwest the user was experiencing failures of some vertical turbine pumps in a sump downstream of the ash handling system.  Due to a change in the type of coal being burned the system was producing significantly more ash than was originally projected.  A lot of excess ash was being carried over into the downstream sump where its accumulation was causing premature failure of the installed vertical turbine pumps.  
I was asked to help in reviewing the application and making recommendations to correct the problem.  When the sump was drained I was shocked to find 6-8 feet of ash throughout the sump, literally choking the pumps.   After careful review of the system flow rates and actual solids carryover, we were able to develop a solution to replace the improperly specified vertical turbines with a slurry pump and agitation system.  The solution was a great success and while expensive to implement, it allowed the customer to eliminate the costly failures and resultant compliance violations. 
Had it been available at the time, the new Hevvy HNS with its pressurized seal and integral high flow agitator design would have been the perfect ”all-in-one” solution with even greater reliability and at a lower cost.


Favorite Hevvy/Toyo pump to use in the Power industry: Submersible HS/HNS