Seth Crook

20 plus years supplying pumping solutions into the Oil & Gas Industry

key challenges as you see it in the Oil & Gas industry:
Providing pumps that will last in one of the most demanding industries in the world. Remote locations and the high cost of downtown, equipment must be able to last. Service is also key! If a problem arises solutions need to happen quickly. 
Favorite personal story whereby you helped a customer in the Oil & Gas industry:
I would constantly hear horror stories about reliability issues with large HP submersible pumps for Emergency Dump Pond applications. Not only did the pumps fail, the service and response from the manufactures was lacking. After a failure, the end users felt abandoned and were left to diagnose the issue without support.

Over the past 2 years the oil and gas industry has taken notice. They were initially hesitant to try a new pump. The HNS submersible has doubled the mean time between critical failures in EDP applications. This new submersible technology (up too 1000HP) is now being utilized by most of the big players in the Alberta oil sands. The HNS submersible series has been able to outlast the competition, combined with industry leading support. It is now being adapted to other applications in the oil and gas industry. 

favorite Hevvy/Toyo pump to use in the Oil & Gas industry:
HNS - the pressurized seal has increased reliability and decreased down time. For the most demanding submersible applications the Hevvy line is a game changer. The HNS is fast becoming the gold standard in the oil sands for the most demanding slurry applications.