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The evolution of TOYO N.A.
  • Horizontal Series HNH

    Our horizontal pumps redefine the pump market with high-efficiency and reduced wear.

    The exciting, semi-open impeller, horizontal HNH is a steep curved, versatile contender in any industrial setting. Capable of up to 60% solids. Ability to move up to 3000 GPM and up to 240 TDH. Many metallurgy options available.
  • Horizontal Series DBH
    Innovately Horizontal DBH
    The closed impeller DBH horizontal pump is a dewatering monster with high efficiencies. Capable of transporting up to 10,000 GPM, up to 70% solids and up to 500 ft TDH. Available in high chrome and CD4.
  • Horizontal Series DEH
    Most Advanced Vortex Impeller with Unique Axial Casing
    The recessed impeller DEH horizontal pump achieves higher efficiencies with greatly reduced wear as a result of its axial spiral casing that ensures flowing solids are discharged quickly, reducing recirculation that is detrimental to hydraulic efficiencies.