The HNS Series motor and rotating assembly have been specifically engineered to handle severe and extreme duty services and the unbalanced loads that occur in high wear pump applications.

Intentional engineering decisions like: shaft stiffness ratio of < 1, oversized bearings, and a revolutionary seal design combine to help the pump maintain the sealing ability in the most severe services.

Patented Positive Pressure Sealing Technology

Severe and Extreme Duty seal designs

Extended and Continuous Run-Dry Capable

4 hydraulic designs + 50 different wet-ends

H Class Motor submersible motor up to 1000 HP

Companies Doing It Right!

Succeeding where others have failed in the harsh canadian oil sands

A major oil sands producer came to us after having tried numerous other submersible pumps that could not even last 1,000 hours in their Emergency Dump Ponds. Our HNS pumps were able to not only hit but also surpass their target of 4,000 hours without pump failure.

Hydraullically-driven solution for a major American petroleum company

Our HNS submersible slurry pump exceeded this refinery’s expectations by managing to pump a much higher concentration of solids content than their previous pumping solution and running for over 18 months with 0 issues or even the need for pulling the pump for inspection.

$2 Million worth of gold recovered in tailings reclamation

One of the top gold producers realized that the gold that they were getting out of their process rock was nowhere near what they had accounted for at the beginning of their project. Our engineers got to work and designed a two-stage pumping system using our HNS pump to recover gold in an urgent tailings reclamation project.

The HNS comes with either of two incredible sealing options


The toughest ‘standard’ sealing solution available on the market.

The SD Double Acting Back-to-Back standard seal, ideal for industries’ tough sealing needs.


The sturdiest mechanical seal ever designed for a submersible pump.

The XD Double Acting Tandem Arrangement seal, ideal for industries’ heavy duty and extra heavy-duty applications.


  • Increased Reliability

    Our positive pressure sealing system delivers a more reliable seal than packing or lip seals in applications with high pressure, high temperature, or abrasive fluids.

  • Reduced Leakage

    Avoids contamination by having the positive pressure behind the seal face assuring that a clean film of oil is maintained on the seal face instead of the abrasive slurry.

  • Extended Service Life

    Reduces wear and tear on the shaft and bearings resulting in lower maintenance costs and longer intervals between repairs or replacements.

  • Like an API Plan 54 for Submersible Pumps

    Provides significant benefits in challenging environments and applications where reliability, safety, and long service life are critical considerations.


  • Maximum Flexibility

    If your pump performance requirements change, simply change the pumping end to ensure you are always achieving maximum productivity and efficiency.

  • Cost Savings

    No need to buy a brand new piece of equipment when system requirements change. Just change the pump end. If you can standardize on the same pumping ends throughout your plant then you can greatly reduce the need for excessive spare parts inventory.

  • Increased Productivity

    Production is profit. When systems change the lead times of some custom drive units can not only be long but also expensive. If you can recycle your drive unit and simply change your pumping end you can get back into production quicker, cheaper, with less downtime required.

S Wet End


  • Special elliptical cut water design

  • High efficiency curved back vanes

  • Up to 60% solids by weight

  • Available in High Chrome, CD4, Alloy 20, & more

E Wet End


  • Patented axial spiral casing

  • No front wear plate needed

  • Available in ductile iron, High Chrome, CD4, Alloy 20, & more

  • Up to 40% solids by weight

  • Low shear

B Wet End


  • High head

  • Up to 70% solids by weight

  • Available in High Chrome, CD4, Alloy 20, & more

D Wet End


  • Large solids handling

  • Up to 70% solids by weight

  • Standard High Chrome impeller and agitator

  • Optional High Chrome casing and elbow

The HNS Series is also available in a Hydraulically Driven configuration

Get all the advantages of pressurized sealing from the Plenum54™ with the portability that an HPU system can offer.

  • Hydraulic Configuration eliminates need for motor cooling

  • Available in ‘Explosion Proof’ configurations

  • Variable speed control with inherent ‘Soft Start’ for most flexible operation

  • Fully/partially enclosed, or trailer mounted available upon request

  • Electric or Diesel driven options

  • Complete vertical integration of hydraulic pump, motor and plumbing to ensure total compatibility


We are dedicated to providing the best pumping solutions for all of your needs. Connect with one of our pumping specialists who can assist you in selecting the right slurry pump for your application. Our pumps are built with durability in mind, designed to withstand harsh environments, and provide the highest efficiency day after day. So, whether you need a submersible, vertical, or horizontal slurry pump, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t let a pumping issue disrupt your operations; if you have an immediate pumping need or require repair services, we at Hevvy/Toyo Pumps are here to help. We will work with you to assess your needs and provide the best solutions to meet them.

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