Hevvy Pumps Raises the bar for Quality Standards

Hevvy Pumps Challenges and Passes their Upgrade to ISO 9001:2015

At Hevvy Pumps we are proud to announce that we have passed our ISO 9001 Quality certification upgrade to the newly released 2015 standard.

What does this mean?

It means that our focus is to continually improve, ensuring that all our internal capacities and procedures are executed to the highest level of quality and audited to prove that. You, our loyal customers and friends, have asked for the best and our company will happily continue working hard to provide you nothing less. Thank you to our quality team for monitoring, correcting and proactively working to keep us on track! Thank you to our full team for believing in this above and beyond approach. But mostly, thank you to our customers for supporting us along this journey and providing us constant feedback so we can have the opportunity to constantly progress.

Big thanks to SAI Global for sending in the best auditors to finetooth through each process and ensure we are getting the most out of the ISO Quality system.

Learn about the industrial pumps that Hevvy Pumps has to offer your project:

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