Mine, Plant and Mill Sump Pumps

Our sump pumps typically outperform the competition’s MTBF by a factor of 10x
(depending on the severity of the application).

Our Sump Pumps are designed for operator neglect*.

* Patented agitation technology cleans out sumps. * Run dry * HNC-E can Run dead head against a closed valve indefinitely
This slurry is why most dewatering pumps fail in de-sliming services. Quite simply put, you're asking an unmonitored and unattended pump, designed to pump water with no more than 1 to 2% solids, to pump a 30% cw (Concentration by Weight) slurry that consists of highly abrasive media suspended in clay and other abrasive substrates.

If you’re flooded you’re not operating at your full potential. Let us help you get your production levels optimized, starting with a full sump pump audit of your plant.

“Unforgettably forgettable” is how a maintenance foreman described the reliability and durability of the Hevvy/Toyo Sump pump.

Nothing mechanically to go wrong below the baseplate

Hevvy/Toyo Sump Pump

► True Vertical Cantilever Sump Pump

► No submerged bearings, bushings or seals

► Motors easily accessible / outside of the sump

► Direct Drive or Belt Drive arrangements

► Wet end standard in High Chrome and CD4 (other metallurgies available)

► Agitator, Chopper and Suction packages available


Typical Competitor Sump Pump

► Not a true cantilever with multiple areas of weakness submerged

► Submerged roller bearing

► Submerged oil reservoir

► Submerged mechanical seal

► Shafts typically half the size of a Hevvy sump pump


Sump pumps are more often mis-applied than process pumps

This means sump pumps fail more often but get little to no attention. For this reason a misapplied sump pump can cost an operation hundreds of thousands of dollars unnecessarily without them really knowing it. Process pumps are the pumps in the spotlight (they’re the star forward on the team) because the production stops if they fail. Sump pumps are collection and clean up pumps (they’re the stay at home defensemen) – not on the frontline in terms of meeting the plant’s production KPIs  but very important to keeping the operation clean, clear, and safe. Sump pumps are the unsung heroes, highly necessary but rarely get their name in lights. 

Costs and safety highlights associated with mis-applied sump pumps

  1. Cost – cost to production when areas of the plant or mine become flooded or unable to operate.
  2. Cost – high cost of manually cleaning out sumps filled with material using a vacuum truck or clamshell method – not to mention the downtime.
  3. Cost – cost to constantly work on broken mis-applied pumps
  4. Cost – cost of having mis-applied sump pumps on routine maintenance schedule. Occupies manpower which could be better utilized.
  5. Cost – cost of rental pumps to be utilized when their mis-applied sump pumps are being repaired or replaced.
  6. Safety – safety liability to have employees manually clean out the sumps.
  7. Safety – safety manpower liability to continuously install and remove mis-applied sump pumps.
  8. Safety – safety liability when mis-applied pumps fail and cause the area to flood.

The heavy-duty bearings used in Hevvy/Toyo's pumps are the reason why one of the world's largest paper companies only had to purchase 2 bearing rebuild kits in 15 years for the 9 cantilever sump pumps that are seeing rain water, wash down, and 40% lime mud.


This major paper mill won’t trust any other sump pump for their black liquor sump than a Hevvy/Toyo Sump pump. With nothing mechanical to go wrong below the baseplate (no submerged bearings, bushings, or seals), this pump is so reliable that a maintenance foreman can “almost” forget it’s even there and just get on with the rest of the business of keeping production flowing.

This major juice producer relies on the durability of their Hevvy/Toyo Sump pumps to collect, chop, and pump away all the trash that comes in and gets separated from the fruit during sorting, including: leaves, stems, and dirt.

If any parts of your mill, mine, or plant are flooded you are not maximizing your production potential. We understand that a lot can happen between what is planned during the engineering phase of a new mining or industrial project and the reality of what can happen once the operation begins.

When their ball mill sumps could handle the regular overflow this major miner asked Hevvy/Toyo for a sump pump audit so that we could help get them back to work and out from under water.
This major recycler was tired of recycling their sump pumps too so they were ecstatic to find a permanent Hevvy Sump solution - now running for more than 12 years.

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    Most Used Products in the Mine, Plant and Mill Sump Pumps

    HNS Pumps

    Pumps up to 70% solids with its patented Hevvy Specialized Slurry Sealing.

    HNC-E (DEC) Pumps

    Fully recessed impeller for large solids passage.

    HT Twins Pumps

    Economical and rugged. Pumps up to 40% solids.

    DP Pumps

    Pumps up to 70% solids.