We have a long history of designing groundbreaking agitation technology

Our engineering team is always working to stay ahead of the curve and provide you with the most advanced pumping solutions on the market.

Our pioneering agitator changed the game for slurry pumping, delivering superior performance and efficiency in a wide range of applications. But we didn’t stop there – we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with our Suspendore™ which is the latest example of our commitment to innovation and excellence, delivering enhanced performance and efficiency in even the most challenging slurry applications.



We introduced the world to its very first agitator over 40 years. The Toyo agitator eliminates solids accumulating on the sump floor and can significantly reduce maintenance costs.

  • The ultimate agitator design

    Holding International patents, the agitator blades are curved towards the direction of rotation while straightening at an oblique angle to the axis of the rotation along the lower portion.

  • The blade shape

    Similar to an aircraft wing, gives the highest efficiency for material mixing and has proven itself in thousands of installations. For this reason, the agitator has unparalleled fluidization performance in: Ball Mill Sumps, Steel Scale Pits, Tailings Reclamation, and Material Excavation in Dredging.

  • When the agitator revolves

    Settled material is mixed with liquid into a highly concentrated slurry. The low-pressure area in front of the pump’s suction, partially caused by the interaction between the impeller and agitator induces material (slurry) back into the pump’s suction. This ensures the longest material path for fluid/material mixing, thus promoting a uniform-density slurry and the highest concentration feasible.



Hevvy, the evolution of Toyo, now brings you the next generation of agitators with far superior agitation, mixing, and suspension abilities, the patented Suspendore™.

  • Optimized thrust

    Like the wings of a fighter jet, Suspendore’s™ blades have been engineered to provide the perfect combination of downward and outward thrust without sacrificing efficiency or degrading the suction performance of the pump.

  • Sump vacuuming ability

    Compound layers of blades are positioned to optimize the Suspendore’s ability to lift resting solids into suspension so that they can be pumped rather than settle and collect. The Suspendore™ helps our pumps act like a sump vacuum cleaner.

  • Better wear characteristics

    The Suspendore™ is engineered to maintain its agitation capability for the longest period possible as it wears. We do this through the very intentional placement of our agitation blades and encapsulating shroud.

  • More modular design

    With our new design, it’s the application that drives the Suspendore’s™ size not the pump alone. If your application requires more agitation we can now fit your pump with a bigger-sized Suspendore™ to ensure the most optimized mixing result.

We Use Computational Fluid Dynamics software to refine our current products and design new components

Whether it’s a custom impeller and volute for a specific customer application, a new impeller capable of transporting the heaviest solids in the most efficient manner, putting in time researching how wear might affect existing designs or our team developing a brand new agitator which creates the perfect combination of agitation and mixing, our engineering and development lab is always up for the challenge.

Using CFD also opens up more possibilities as it allows us to really look inside our pumping solutions and see what is going on when they are running.  It has also proven invaluable to investigate our current products to see what is really going on and determine areas for improvement by making modifications or even completely redesigning components.

We use flow simulation software to test out more innovative, groundbreaking, and unconventional designs and mathematical optimization software to find the optimal solution.

Modularity offers maximum flexibility and increased productivity while being cost-effective

Our Modular program gives you the flexibility of coupling the pumping ends with different drive configurations

If your pump performance requirements change, simply change the pumping end to ensure you are always achieving maximum productivity and efficiency. Production is profit. When systems change the lead times of some custom drive units can not only be long but also expensive. If you can recycle your drive unit and simply change your pumping end you can get back into production quicker, cheaper, with less downtime required. No need to buy a brand-new piece of equipment when system requirements change. Just change the pump end. If you can standardize on the same pumping ends throughout your plant then you can greatly reduce the need for excessive spare parts inventory.

We use our over 20,000 US gallons test tank to conduct comprehensive assessments of our pumps’ performance

Our custom-designed tank is specifically tailored to test large submersible pumps and a hydraulic lift designed for cantilever pumps, providing an ideal environment to evaluate their performance and durability.

Equipped with advanced features like a torque transistor and a command center that enables operators to control the testing process, including operating the actuating valve for seamless control of water flow, the test tank ensures precise and accurate measurements.

This tank is one of a kind in Canada and is the perfect tool to generate performance and power curves, providing essential data for pump analysis and optimization.

With this advanced testing facility, we ensure that every pump we manufacture undergoes thorough evaluation, guaranteeing reliable and high-performing products that meet your needs.

S Wet End


  • Special elliptical cut water design

  • High efficiency curved back vanes

  • Up to 60% solids by weight

  • Available in High Chrome, CD4, Alloy 20, & more

E Wet End


  • Patented axial spiral casing

  • No front wear plate needed

  • Available in ductile iron, High Chrome, CD4, Alloy 20, & more

  • Up to 40% solids by weight

  • Low shear

B Wet End


  • High head

  • Up to 70% solids by weight

  • Available in High Chrome, CD4, Alloy 20, & more

D Wet End


  • Large solids handling

  • Up to 70% solids by weight

  • Standard High Chrome impeller and agitator

  • Optional High Chrome casing and elbow

We are proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified and accredited with OSSE certification

When it comes to ISO 9001, our focus is to continually improve, ensuring that all our internal capacities and procedures are executed to the highest level of quality and audited to prove that. Our quality team monitors, corrects and proactively works to keep us on track. Our customers are asking for the best and we will happily continue working hard to provide nothing less!

The OSSE (Occupational Safety Standards of Excellence) accreditation is a Certificate of Recognition (COR) in safety excellence and followed an extensive audit of our policies, procedures, workplace observation, and one-to-one interviews with our team.

Achieving ISO and OSSE certification is not about putting a plaque on the wall; it is about our attitude towards maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety in everything we do.


  • Increased Reliability

    Our positive pressure sealing system delivers a more reliable seal than packing or lip seals in applications with high pressure, high temperature, or abrasive fluids.

  • Reduced Leakage

    Avoids contamination by having the positive pressure behind the seal face assuring that a clean film of oil is maintained on the seal face instead of the abrasive slurry.

  • Extended Service Life

    Reduces wear and tear on the shaft and bearings resulting in lower maintenance costs and longer intervals between repairs or replacements.

  • Like an API Plan 54 for Submersible Pumps

    Provides significant benefits in challenging environments and applications where reliability, safety, and long service life are critical considerations.

Noteworthy Patents and Pending Applications

We’re embracing the exciting fusion of “Heritage” and “Imagination” to create a promising future that brings together the best of both worlds.

Seal design

We offer a variety of our specially engineered slurry cartridge seal options.


4 expellers/repellers that are capable of higher sealing pressure than typical single expeller/repeller design; featuring a packing-less design and an integrated flush port.


Extreme slurry cartridge seal design available with positive pressure quench plans.


Severe slurry cartridge design with robust stationary single spring with higher tolerance for misalignment and shaft deflection.

We’ve designed and pre-configured control panels so you can protect and get the most out our pumping solutions

Our HPD Series of direct on line start control panels are designed to ensure optimal use of your pumps which results in reducing the maintenance and total cost of ownership.

Our HPS Series soft start control panels allow for more frequent pump starts by offering a less harsh starting sequence that reduces in-rush currents which is safer and gentler on the motor and creates less heat build-up and reduces the chance of damage due to water hammer and cavitation effect during startup.

Our HPD and HPS Series control panels come pre-configured to provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing it was engineered to the highest safety standards.

Environmental Champions

We are committed to protecting the environment and developing innovative pumping solutions that promote sustainability.

Our engineering team is dedicated to creating pumping solutions that help our customers achieve their environmental goals while maintaining the highest standards of performance and efficiency. From the materials we use to the design of our products, we strive to minimize our environmental impact and maximize the value we deliver to our customers.


This technology represents a significant step towards reducing energy usage. The use of advanced materials and optimized electromagnetic designs minimizes energy losses, resulting in reduced power consumption and lower operating costs. This technology not only contributes to energy savings but also promotes environmental conservation by reducing carbon emissions and overall energy demand.

Improving Efficiency

With a strong commitment to research and development, we constantly seek ways to optimize pump designs and performance. By leveraging advanced technologies, such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA), we meticulously analyze fluid flow dynamics, hydraulic performance, and structural integrity.

Reducing Water Consumption

Our engineering team places a strong emphasis on reducing water consumption in the pumping process to minimize both resource utilization and the need for subsequent water treatment. This focus on water conservation not only benefits the environment but also helps organizations reduce costs associated with water usage and treatment.


We are dedicated to providing the best pumping solutions for all of your needs. Connect with one of our pumping specialists who can assist you in selecting the right slurry pump for your application. Our pumps are built with durability in mind, designed to withstand harsh environments, and provide the highest efficiency day after day. So, whether you need a submersible, vertical, or horizontal slurry pump, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t let a pumping issue disrupt your operations; if you have an immediate pumping need or require repair services, we at Hevvy/Toyo Pumps are here to help. We will work with you to assess your needs and provide the best solutions to meet them.

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