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Single Phasing in Electric Motors

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Causes and Solutions to Protect your Motor I once had a customer ask me for some advice to help them come up with some ideas as to why their pump would trip as soon as it was lowered into slurry. I asked questions such as: Have you checked for proper rotation? Did you check for pluggage in the discharge line? … Read More

Ghost in the Pump

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Pumping Industry Solutions I received a call from a customer that one of our new pumps was acting up. The pump would quit pumping and then all of a sudden start again. They pulled the trouble pump out of service, replaced it with a spare, and asked me to come on site to perform an inspection. I arrived onsite and with the help of customer’s … Read More

Grease the Bearings

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Put Bearing Misconceptions to Rest One of the most common failures that I encounter in my travels is customers often times do not grease the bearings in our vertical series of pumps. Because of this, most of our pump failures involve the lower bearing. Customers will often grease the upper bearings assuming the grease makes its way down to the lower bearing. This … Read More

Pump making strange noises? – Check the belts

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I recently visited a well-known copper mine that had contacted us after hearing some irregular noises coming from their brand new pump. The noises were obviously causing them some panic, especially with it being from a new pump. They were convinced the sounds were being caused by either a bearing issue or the impeller rubbing. After arriving on site, we … Read More

Service Adventurer

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Thanks for checking out my blog. This is literally going to be a diary of the life and times of a Field Service Manager. First a joke…What do you call a man constantly in the dog house with his wife?A field service manager. Okay, all joking aside, this blog is for every maintenance manager and superintendent out there, as well … Read More