NPSHA (Available Inlet Pressure)

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Gain In-Depth Knowledge About Our Pumps & Industry In the last blog of this series we explained why a pump requires a positive inlet pressure and introduced the term NPSHR.  As promised, this blog we will investigate the counterpart of NPSHR, Net Positive Suction Head Available  (NPSHA). The pressure available at the pump inlet is a summary of multiple factors. These factors, all expressed in the same units (normally feet of … Read More

Required Inlet Pressure or NPSHR

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Gain In-Depth Knowledge About Our Pumps & Industry In my first blog we argued that pumps don’t suck, they actually rely upon atmospheric pressure to push liquid into the impeller. In my second blog, I explained how atmospheric pressure can be expressed in feet of head.  In this blog we will discuss how pressure, measured in feet of head, may or may not satisfy a … Read More

Atmospheric Pressure in Feet of Head

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Gain In-Depth Knowledge About Our Pumps & Industry In last weeks blog we touched briefly on the subject of atmospheric pressure.  I wanted to write today’s blog to ensure you understand exactly what atmospheric pressure is and why it affects you and your pumps. As illustrated below, the weight of the air in a 1 inch square column extending to the edge of outer … Read More

Do Pumps Suck?

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Gain In-Depth Knowledge About Our Pumps & Industry I will begin this blog by posing a question: Does suction really exist?  Take a moment, decide upon your answer and let’s go on this journey together. A majority of people in the pumping industry would say yes, suction has to exist. If you were to ask any ten year old child with … Read More

What Are The Best Delayed Coker Maze Pit / Clearwater Pumps?

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Gain In-Depth Knowledge About Our Pumps & Industry The pumping of water packed with coke fines produced by the jet cutting process in a Delayed Coker Unit (DCU) is an aggressive application. Pumps commonly fail or have reduced operating lives for a variety of reasons including: heavy fines loading, challenging suction conditions, high temperatures, and deep set sumps all combine to … Read More

Engineering Humor

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How To Survive Long Days If you are an employee in the pumping industry I am positive you can relate to the common woes each of us face weekly. Whether you’re dealing with environmental damage in Mining, strict regulations in Coal Power, loss of customers in Oil & Gas, you’re an Applications Engineer who just received five rush RFQ’s for new builds or a Design Engineer … Read More

Pump making strange noises? – Check the belts

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I recently visited a well-known copper mine that had contacted us after hearing some irregular noises coming from their brand new pump. The noises were obviously causing them some panic, especially with it being from a new pump. They were convinced the sounds were being caused by either a bearing issue or the impeller rubbing. After arriving on site, we … Read More

Service Adventurer

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Thanks for checking out my blog. This is literally going to be a diary of the life and times of a Field Service Manager. First a joke…What do you call a man constantly in the dog house with his wife?A field service manager. Okay, all joking aside, this blog is for every maintenance manager and superintendent out there, as well … Read More

Welcome to the Hevvy Tech Talk Blog

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In this blog we’re excited to bring you a monthly look at some of the latest technological advances in the pumping industry and the markets they serve. We’ll look at what’s working, why it’s working and how you can possibly use it to improve your own situation.I’ll try to take you through real applications and designs that I come across … Read More