Differences Between Cutter Fan Agitators and Shaft-Connected Inducers

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I  was recently in a discussion with an engineer regarding the use of a cutter fan to supply agitation. I was very surprised to find that the engineer, although having some pump experience did not understand the difference between the title objects. Not only could this lead to backward rotation and subsequent damage to a pump but the lack of … Read More

There Is No Such A Thing As A Bad Pump Only A Misapplied Pump!

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No manufacturer that has been around for any length of time makes a bad pump. The bad press that follows an early pump failure is generally the result of a misapplied pump. Unfortunately, it is often the pump’s reputation that takes the rap and not the circumstances that lead to the installation of the “wrong pump”. Any reputable supplier will … Read More

6 Parameters Maximizing A Mechanical Seal’s Performance And Longevity

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Pumps fail for a host of reasons, but as the chart below depicts, more than two-thirds of the failures relate to sealing device issues. With the movement to conserve water and minimize the quantity of waste liquids requiring treatment, the industry is relying more and more on mechanical seals. As the installed population grows so does the percentage of pump … Read More

Cleaning Carbon Tanks In Carbon in Leach And Carbon in Pulp Processes

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The two gold extraction processes CIL (Carbon in Leach) and CIP (Carbon in Pulp) are quite similar, both using granulated activated carbon to extract the gold from the solution. For the extraction processes to function efficiently a specific carbon granule size must be maintained.  It is therefore critical to handle the fragile carbon particles in a manner that does not … Read More

Understanding How Static And Dynamic Balancing Affect Cantilever Pumps

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I was recently asked to investigate a vibration in a vertical cantilever pump. The client had recently rebuilt the pump and was wondering what he had missed or done wrong. In the absence of any vibration monitoring equipment, we resorted to physical checks. With the pump out of the sump, we carefully rotated the shaft and there was no evidence … Read More

What exactly is an impeller’s “tip speed” and how do you calculate it?

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Establishing an impeller’s “Tip Speed” is very useful when selecting the best pump for your application, but what exactly is tip speed and how do you calculate it? The tip speed is simply the distance that any selected point on the peripheral of the impeller travels in a set time. In other words the “speed” of that point. To calculate … Read More

Differences Between Flush and Quench In Slurry Pump Seal Support Plans

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When discussing slurry pump seal support plans it seems that the terms “Flush” and “Quench” are often confused and or misused. With the concept being slightly different for mechanical seal boxes vs packed seal boxes I will separate these, discussing each in turn. Mechanical Seal The basic mechanical seal flush plan is very simple. It calls for a clear/clean liquid, … Read More

Pumping Cow Manure

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I just thought I would share my latest adventure. It was quite smelly to say the least. We had a customer who bought a HS-E81-80 pump for a dairy farm. Now who would have thought that a manufacturer that produces the best slurry pumps in the world would be called upon to provide a pump for a dairy. This pump … Read More

Impeller Designs

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I recently received an e-mail asking to explain what the terms “open” or “closed” referred to when discussing impellers in a slurry pump. So here it is. Although there are numerous styles/designs offered by pump manufacturers, most slurry pump offerings boil down to a variation of one of two basic designs, with a third design, slightly less common, that is … Read More