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The evolution of TOYO N.A.
  • Slurry pumps designed and
    manufactured in North America
  • Providing Solutions to the Pump
    Industry for Over 35 Years

Hevvy Pumps is the evolution of Toyo Pumps N.A.

In Hevvy Pumps we’ve created a company that embodies the values of imagination and continuous improvement. Hevvy pushes the limits of design to propel the future and challenge the industry to wake up and challenge itself to be more reliable, efficient and accountable to its customers and the environment. It’s an exciting new future when “Heritage” and “Imagination” meet for the best of both worlds. 

Hevvy Pumps Raises the bar for Quality Standards

Hevvy Pumps Challenges and Passes their Upgrade to ISO 9001:2015

At Hevvy Pumps we are proud to announce that we have passed our ISO 9001 Quality certification upgrade to the newly released 2015 standard. What does this mean? It means that our focus is to continually improve, ensuring that...

Hevvy Pumps goes to Elko, Nevada

Join us at the 2018 Elko Mining Show

Our partners and friends at Folsom Industrial are proudly celebrating their 50th anniversary...

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