The world’s premier DP series

Heavy-duty dredging slurry pump with the agitator that revolutionized the pumping industry.

The DP submersible pump is the world’s original agitator pump. Capable of transporting up to 70% solids, this pump is born to dredge and has earned itself a ‘solids-handling’ reputation for reliability and durability in the world’s toughest applications.

  • Capacities to 10,000 gpm (2,300 m3/hr)

  • Heads to 168 ft (51 meters)

  • Capable of pumping Class 3 & some free flowing 4 slurries

  • Discharge sizes up to 16” (400mm)

  • Patented high chrome agitator as standard – attached directly to the pump’s shaft

  • Front (adjustable) and Back high chrome wear plates

  • Unique 1.35 S.F. motor

  • Heavy duty motor housing

  • Low RPM for reduced wear

  • Additional bearing support between primary and secondary seal elements

  • Replaceable elbow

Companies Doing It Right!

Dredging sediment into disposal facility to protect the Indiana Harbour Canal in East Chicago

The dredging project required dredged sediment to be pumped into a confined disposal facility for permanent storage. Our Toyo DP 150B pumps were housed within a hopper barge with bulkheads to serve as wet wells; the entire debris separation and pumping operations are contained to one floating, mobile unit.

Filling Geotubes to protect the costal area of NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility and launch pad

After the costal area being damaged due to Hurricane Ernesto, sand was brought in from offsite and mixed with seawater then pumped by our Toyo DP-75 into the tubes at an average rate of 1,200 gpm using a header system that branched out into multiple lines for a distance of 200 to 2,500 feet into 4,600 linear feet of geotube units.

Dredging 15,000 cu/yds Of Sediment Build Up At Face Of Dam Prior To Demolition

A marine contractor in charge of what was the largest dam removal in the USA at the time relied on a DP submersible agitator slurry pump to excavate the sediment that had built up at the face of the dam.  The dredge pump was suspended from a 60 ton crane mounted on a flexifloat barge and operating at depths up to 100 feet.

Our versatile dewatering DL series

High chrome wear components and run dry capability has made this pump a favorite in industrial settings throughout the world.

The DL submersible pump is a versatile dewatering pump capable of transporting up to 20% solids. High chrome wear components and run dry capability has made this pump a favorite in industrial settings throughout the world.

The Toyo DL series submersible pump has long been a fan favorite for its proven reliability and durability. It features a built-in cooling jacket to allow for full cooling while the pump is primed – even if the motor is fully exposed to air.

High Chrome wear components provide excellent wear life and the pump boasts large internal clearances for the easy passage of high concentrations of solids. This rugged submersible pump will be the last thing you need to worry about in your busy day.



  • Double Mechanical Slurry Seal

  • High Chrome Impeller, Wear Plate, and Agitator

  • Optional Chopper

our revolutionary agitator design

  • Eliminates solids accumulating on the sump floor

    Our agitator can significantly reduce maintenance costs resulting from digging out sumps and downtime due to solids building up and choking off the suction of conventional pumps.

  • Patented Agitation Technology

    The agitator blades are curved towards the direction of rotation while straightening at an oblique angle to the axis of the rotation along the lower portion.

  • unparalleled fluidization performance

    The blade shape, similar to an aircraft wing, gives the highest efficiency for material mixing and has proven itself in thousands of installations.

Our economical submersible dewatering DXL series

The DXL submersible pump is a hard wearing, dependable and low-cost dewatering pump capable of up to 5% solids.

The DXL submersible pump is a hard wearing, dependable and low-cost dewatering pump capable of up to 5% solids. Available in powers of 5-150HP, it can reach heads of up to 525ft and capacities of up to 700 USGPM.

  • Available from 5HP-20HP

  • Up to 180 ft (55m) rated head

  • Capacities up to 400 USgpm (91 m3/hr)

  • Up to 4” (100mm) discharge

  • Built in cooling jacket

  • Cast Iron impeller

  • Silicon Carbide mechanical seal

LOW HEAD & High Head

DXL 5 – DXL 20 | DXL 15H – DXL 150H

  • Available from 15HP-150HP

  • Up to 525 ft (160m) rated head

  • Capacities (rated) up to 700 USgpm (159 m3/hr)

  • Up to 6” (150mm) discharge

  • Built in Cooling Jacket

  • High Chrome impeller

  • Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal


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