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The evolution of Toyo Pumps

Over the past four years, Toyo Pumps has been evolving based on our customer’s excellent ideas and feedback. We have been investing heavily in ourselves; attracting top talent from all over the world, streamlining our processes and our systems, partnering with top universities for cutting edge research in hydraulics, hydra-efficiencies, mechatronics and corrosion and abrasive material handling, becoming ISO 9001 certified and designing a new range of game-changing modular submersible slurry pumps.

The new Toyo Pumps North America Corp is stronger, highly customer focused and more progressive. We are extremely invested in R&D so we can push the design limits of our equipment’s technology further to supply our customers and business partners with more efficient, more effective and even more reliable pumps that last longer in the harshest conditions in the world. This is an exciting evolution of a company you have known and trusted for over 35 years.

Rest assured that even though it may seem like a lot is changing, all the things you have come to expect from Toyo Pumps, including your favorite people and product lines are not changing. Your relationship with your trusted Regional Manager will not change; the products that you have known and loved from Toyo Pumps have not changed, we’re just giving you more. Our commitment and mission to continue to invest in R&D and provide the best solutions and most reliable solids handling pumps in the world has certainly not changed.

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