What Are The Best Delayed Coker Maze Pit / Clearwater Pumps?

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Gain In-Depth Knowledge About Our Pumps & Industry The pumping of water packed with coke fines produced by the jet cutting process in a Delayed Coker Unit (DCU) is an aggressive application. Pumps commonly fail or have reduced operating lives for a variety of reasons including: heavy fines loading, challenging suction conditions, high temperatures, and deep set sumps all combine to … Read More

Engineering Humor

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How To Survive Long Days If you are an employee in the pumping industry I am positive you can relate to the common woes each of us face weekly. Whether you’re dealing with environmental damage in Mining, strict regulations in Coal Power, loss of customers in Oil & Gas, you’re an Applications Engineer who just received five rush RFQ’s for new builds or a Design Engineer … Read More

The Future of Custom Design and Development

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Computational Fluid Dynamic Software Saves Time and Money Through Simulation At Hevvy/Toyo Pumps we utilize the latest in technology to solve our customer’s problems. Whether it’s a custom impeller and volute for a specific customer application, a new impeller capable of transporting the heaviest solids in the most efficient manner, putting in time researching how wear might affect existing designs or our team developing … Read More

Ghost in the Pump

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Pumping Industry Solutions I received a call from a customer that one of our new pumps was acting up. The pump would quit pumping and then all of a sudden start again. They pulled the trouble pump out of service, replaced it with a spare, and asked me to come on site to perform an inspection. I arrived onsite and with the help of customer’s … Read More

Grease the Bearings

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Put Bearing Misconceptions to Rest One of the most common failures that I encounter in my travels is customers often times do not grease the bearings in our vertical series of pumps. Because of this, most of our pump failures involve the lower bearing. Customers will often grease the upper bearings assuming the grease makes its way down to the lower bearing. This … Read More