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The evolution of TOYO N.A.

We are changing the pump industry by pushing the limits of pump design.

Toyo is going Hevvy...discover Justin's vision.
  • HNS series
    Our most advanced modular submersible pump system
    The HNS range is redefining the submersible pump market by answering one of the most frequent causes of failure in the submersible pump world: mechanical seal failure.
Hevvy Pumps is the evolution of Toyo Pumps N.A.

In Hevvy Pumps we’ve created a company that embodies the values of imagination and continuous improvement. Hevvy pushes the limits of design to propel the future and challenge the industry to wake up and challenge itself to be more reliable, efficient and accountable to its customers and the environment. It’s an exciting new future when “Heritage” and “Imagination” meet for the best of both worlds. 

Unveiling of the new HNS series

Hevvy Pumps, world leader in slurry pumping solutions, chose MINExpo 2016 for the worldwide launch event of a new, revolutionary product that promises to have a significant impact on the mining industry: the HNS series of submersible pumps. Join...

SME Annual Conference & Expo, Denver, CO

Creating VALUE in a cyclical environment

The 2017 SME Annual Conference & Expo and CMA 119th National Western Mining Conference is a fast moving, developing conference and we want to make sure you know everything there is to know about conference developments. Follow our...

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